Contact Information:

Coming soon, but for now Twitter will do (@JQ_Siu)

Who am I?

Immunology PhD student studying at Cambridge with an interest in solid organ transplantation. Graduated from University of British Columbia (BSc Honours Microbiology & Immunology) in 2016.

Academic Background

I am one of the few lucky people who knew since elementary school I wanted to be a “scientist doctor not a medical doctor”. Of course back then I had no idea what that truly meant except that I got to put this cool “PhD” tag behind my name. Nonetheless, this led me to attend a couple science seminars and conferences during my last two years of high school including the 2012 AAAS multi-disciplinary conference, and got a taste of the science academic world.
During my undergrad at UBC, I chose the Science One first year program and Honours Microbiology & Immunology route. In terms of research, I worked with Dr. Megan Levings at BC Children’s Hospital (nee Child & Family Research Institute) in Vancouver from 2011 – 2014 on a Treg CAR project; Dr. Jorg Fritz at McGill University in Montreal in 2014 on a memory B cell project; and for my Honours thesis, with Dr. Neil Cashman at UBC’s Brain Research Centre on an ALS and immunology project.